Thursday, September 16, 2010

Darkness Part 1

Let's have the world for breakfast
 so we can swim in our own shit
maybe hold on to an aeroplane
 or a passing jet
let's squeeze the last tear
out of the clouds
and let faith urinate some final doctrines
so that all leftovers are hydrated enough
to witness the end.
Dissatisfaction - a content colleague of aloof frailty. Something that peaks up with one raised eyebrow while you're  having an alright run, grinning cheekily at you, not saying a damn word! Grabbing you sideways, while leaping ahead, running its fingers along your neck straight after you embraced a good love,
a nice day,
a prospect... of progress.

Dissatisfaction - raising from the ashes after breathing in a sweet song, a wicked meal or another day
without an accident,
a nasty phone call
or constipation.

What loyalty, still standing after countless, calculated attacks
from me
in the name of happiness.

Love Part 1

Sultry Venus,
no feebleness in her full stance.
Solid beauty - pure perfection...
even if incomplete.
If the measure tape requires a turn
the result may as well be
the diameter

of a perfect trick.