Saturday, January 22, 2011

Let's make a balloon out of fear with passion as the wind in its tail...

Let's squish blades of grass trough our toes while our giggles conquer the sky -

Balloon goodbye!

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

mesmerised fool

I felt my thick juices flowing, my senses heightening, deepening, exhaling, then heightening again..
I felt endorphins racing frantically through my clogged system, creating a current like an invasion of lost puppies from the pound, just to be followed by an anti-climaxed wave of shame and inverted anger about that very fact.

Nothing came to feed that juicy scenario, eliminated in growth, with an antipathetic nonchalant thumb pressing the stop button prematurely.

When the surface of the facade cracks, the maggots come out.

So humiliated I felt about having let my old heart get loose about something so transiently thin and unsubstantiated, while having known the inevitably cruel chance of a wicked sprout, that the idea of rejection seemed like a mere nudge of an elbow.

It was more than rejection, it was more than misleading, because NOTHING happened, and that nothing was like acid slowly burning me into a toxic foam before I turned into the nothing that happened.

I was just a smitten, mesmerised fool

It was a lesson.

Now the crush has crushed itself.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Darkness Part 1

Let's have the world for breakfast
 so we can swim in our own shit
maybe hold on to an aeroplane
 or a passing jet
let's squeeze the last tear
out of the clouds
and let faith urinate some final doctrines
so that all leftovers are hydrated enough
to witness the end.
Dissatisfaction - a content colleague of aloof frailty. Something that peaks up with one raised eyebrow while you're  having an alright run, grinning cheekily at you, not saying a damn word! Grabbing you sideways, while leaping ahead, running its fingers along your neck straight after you embraced a good love,
a nice day,
a prospect... of progress.

Dissatisfaction - raising from the ashes after breathing in a sweet song, a wicked meal or another day
without an accident,
a nasty phone call
or constipation.

What loyalty, still standing after countless, calculated attacks
from me
in the name of happiness.

Love Part 1

Sultry Venus,
no feebleness in her full stance.
Solid beauty - pure perfection...
even if incomplete.
If the measure tape requires a turn
the result may as well be
the diameter

of a perfect trick.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Caradoc's Play

Only a little at the time, quaint amounts, because it's loose, seething into pockets of my syrup ear, inhaling all of space around me while something lucid is lifting me. Strings noodle my demons around their neck and the notes are prettier than me, prettier than their graves, leaving a bad day at that, breeding today's plans in a flat minor, making me smile a little at the very time..